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How To Fix a Factory Floor

Provided you are not using forklift, this has been found to be the most cost effective solution. In the old days as a thin coat solution we used to use either an epoxy or a polyurethane, but both come with problems. An epoxy is very hard, but brittle. It is also not UV stable. Polyurethanes tend to be more flexible but not as scratch resistant. Fairly new on the market is the Polyaspartic. It combines

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How to Repair a Seamless Self Levelling Floor

Probably more than half our work is our being called in repair floors that were either incorrectly done in the beginning or to restore floors that have deteriorated with age. (The self-levelling screed on a properly installed floor should never deteriorate, the worst that should happen is after years the original resin may need to be refreshed). Here are some photos of the floor before. As you can see the floor was in a really

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Kitchem with Seamless Self Leveling Floor
Seamless Flooring
John Cook

How To Do Seamless Self Leveling Floors – Step by Step Guide

We have had several requests from people  to explain step by step how we do our “Like Silk” Seamless Self Levelling Flooring System directly over tiles. In this article I will explain step by step how we do a Seamless Floor. Grind The first step is to grind the tiles to get to a clean uncontaminated surface. This step is absolutely vital to ensure that the Self Levelling Screed has a good bond onto the

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Some of our work

Epoxy Silane Boardroon Floor
25000 m2 FM2 Class Floors
Repair afterwards reduced
Overlay 2 cropped
Pouring Concrete JCC
Polished Res 4
Coin 3rd Place reduced
Boardroom Bar finished with Silane
WT2 cropped
Polished EOA cropped
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