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Cold room floor sealed

Butchery and Cold Room Floors

31/05/2020 By John Cook

Problems with butchery and cold room floors

As you know by now I love Polished Concrete floors. They offer the best value for money and last forever. However they are very slightly porous and there is the possibility of blood and fats being absorbed into the floor. This is why food processing areas have areas have always been problem areas for cold room and butchery floors.

So the alternatives have been to either use tiles or a resin seal.

Tiles come with their own problems because if they crack it is a problem replacing them. Either you don’t have the tiles in stock and even if you do the cracked tile needs to be broken out and new adhesive and grout applied and you hope you don’t break the tile next to it.

The solution for Cold room floors

That is why we now make extensive use of Silane. The floor is polished to the normal standard, but instead of using a Lithium Sealer on the floor we use Silane. It looks very similar to a Polished Concrete finish, but it makes the floor completely impervious to virtually any liquid. This includes blood, fats and animal proteins.

Silane is a German engineered product that combines the advantages of polished concrete with the seal of a resin finish. In South Africa it is supplied by Specialised Coatings  You can read more about silane here Silane Epoxy

Because Silane impregnates and soaks right into the concrete it will never delaminate. This is a massive advantage because you now get the low of ownership of polished concrete (proven to be the lowest of any flooring system) with the impervious seal of an epoxy finish. You should never have to redo your floor again for the lifetime of the building.

We have all seen floors where the epoxy has cracked and delaminated, which looks ugly and allows water or other liquids to penetrate the floor. This leads to further damage and eventually the failure of the whole floor, with all the expense that involves. Silane solves this problem permanently!

Here are some photo’s of a butchery we did in Mayfair. We handled everything from the initial pouring of the concrete to final finish. Although this was a new floor Silane is also ideal for existing floors.

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Starting to Apply Reinforced Concrete

Pouring Cold Room Floor

Laser Leveling Concrete

Cold Room Floor

Starting to Apply Reinforced Concrete

Cold room floor being polished

Laser Leveling Concrete

Cold room floor sealed
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