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waterproofing roof completed

Waterproofing a Roof

28/07/2020 By John Cook

Waterproofing Roof 10 Year Guarantee

We have started using an absolutely fantastic waterproofing system and would like to tell you a little about it.

It is made by Specialised Coatings and has some very unique features.

  1. It is spray on, not torch-on. Spray on means that it can get into all those funny little nooks and crannies and completely seal them.
  2. It is suitable for both metal roofs and flat roofs.
  3. It is extremely flexible, that means it can stretch with hot and cold weather without cracking.
  4. It is Solar White which reflects the heat. We have documented proof that it changes the temperature by between 10 – 15 degrees, which saves you on air conditioning costs.
  5. 10 year guarantee. Because it is such a high quality product it must only be installed by approved applicators (we are approved) to ensure it is professionally applied. However once we have applied it professionally we issue a 10 year guarantee on the system, which gives you peace of mind.
  6. Designed to go directly over old torch-on roofs. Torch-on sealers age and become brittle over time, leading to leaking. This system s designed to go directly over old torch-on, saving on all the costs of having to strip off the torch-on and apply our product.

The process that is followed for a waterproofing a typical metal roof is quite is quite meticulous;

  • The roof is carefully examined for loose rivets and screws and these are repaired.
  • Next all sections with rust are hand ground with abrasive disks to ensure that all rust is removed.
  • Then the roof is washed with a special chemical to clean the metal to ensure a permanent bond between the metal and the final coat.
  • The entire roof is then sprayed with a rust catalyst which both stops the rust and acts as a primer for the final coats.
  • Finally the actual product is sprayed on in 2 layers, with a 12 hour curing time in between. This results in a thick, flexible layer that lasts for years and seals everything completely watertight. And it is cheaper than torch –on!

If you would like a free site evaluation please just contact us and we will book and appointment with you.

Ps. We also do torch-on because there are certain applications where it is a better solution.

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Rusting roof ready for waterproofing

Really Old Rusted Roof

waterproofing a roof spraying rust inhibitor

Spraying Rustproof Primer

waterproofing roof completed

Finished Roof with Thick Elastic Layer

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