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Residential Self Levelling Seamless Floors

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Self Levelling Seamless Floors

Advantages of the “Like Silk” System

  • Water Based. There are no harsh odours for you and your family. No VOC’s.
  • You can choose virtually any colour you can imagine.
  • And you can change colour at any time.
  • Very easy to clean, no cracks for the dirt to get caught in.

Do Seamless Self Leveling Floors crack?

No one can ever honestly say their system will not crack. This is because many of the self leveling systems are put over an existing floor or slab, commonly referred to as the substrate. If there is a structural fault in the substrate and it moves or cracks, that crack will definitely appear in the top layer. However when we apply our system we pay particular attention to the substrate, does it have cracks, are they hairline cracks (no problem) or are they bigger cracks (in that case we need to repair them before applying our system) To date we have not had cracks, even hairline ones. However one of the biggest advantages of our system is that if it ever does develop cracks these can be repaired and resealed.

Can your system be laid directly over tiles?

I am glad to say a most resounding YES! We have done many jobs laying our  seamless self leveling system over tiles and to date have not had a problem. We are meticulous in the processes we follow, which ensures that we do not have delamination of our system at a later date. This is big advantage over other systems as you do not have to remove the tiles first, which is always a dirty, dusty job. This keeps the dirt levels in your house down.

How to maintain a seamless self leveling floor?

Seamless floors have got to be the easiest to maintain. Just simple PH neutral soap (available from all major hardware stores) or even Sunlight Soap and water work fine. If you want to get fancy you can use an old polishing machines and pad to clean the floor and a wet and dry vacuum afterwards. My mom just uses a broom to mop with and some old rags to dry with. What ever works best for you. Do not use harsh detergents as they will simply damage your top layer. There’s nowhere for the dirt to hide….

How long should the floor last?

The actual structure of the floor should last the lifetime of your property. However the top layer of Satin resin in normal use would last between 5 – 7 years before needing to be refreshed (depending on traffic) To refresh it is typically a 1 day process and your floor is completely new again and good for the next years. As mentioned earlier if you use hard or abrasive systems on the floor it will not last as long, but in any event it can simply be restored again. Some companies will ask you to take a maintenance contract with them and they redo your floor at pre-set intervals. We do not see value for money for the client in that and would rather help as and when needed.

Can you really change the colour of my floor at a later date?

Yes, that is one of the special points of our proprietary “Like Silk” system. At any stage you can decide to change the colour of your floor and it can be done. And we can do it in virtually any colour you can imagine. Now that’s something special!

How long does it take?

Typically between 5 and 7 days. But there are many factors that can influence it, including weather conditions. We try to be flexible and work with our clients, but each job is unique.

Can you repair my floor?

We have repaired many floors. Examples are where the floor has worn with time, the work was badly done the first time round, the floor has become worn and the floor has cracked. Feel free to ask us to evaluate your floor – if we cannot fix it we will tell you and also try advise you on alternative solutions. At Stunning Flooring we pride ourselves on professional advise (which is always free)

Floor renovations

I am thinking of renovating my house, is the “Like Silk” system suitable for renovations? Yes, it really is, in fact either when you are building new or renovating is the best time to put our system down. Renovating allows you a clean start and a great finish. We prefer to put down the base of our system before the painters come in. Then once the painting is finished we can come in and do the final colouring and sealing. That way even if the painters do mess (a little!) on the floor it does not affect your final finish. However we really are very flexible, talk to us about how you want to do it and we will work with you.

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