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Seamless Self Leveling Floor 1,400 m2

15/10/2020 By John Cook

Here is 1,400 m2 job we did in Midrand. The client didn’t want a solid colour but prefered a more natual, mottled look. It wasn’t easy because any rectification we did would show as the floor had no colour to hide mistakes. And we just cast the floor when Covid set in, so for 3 months we could not work on the floor, so it cured rock hard. Here is how we handled it.


After we got back on site we had to gently grind the floor until we had a smooth surface to work with. Much of it had to be done with hand polishers as if we ground too deep we would break through to the underlying concrete.

Grinding a Floor

Touch up work

After we had ground and sanded the whole floor it was time for hand touch up work. The whole floor was meticously check and all defects fixed by hand. This really took a long time but was necessary for a quality floor.

Fixing a Seamless Floor by hand


The entire floor was sealed with a special water based primer to prepare it for the final coat

Priming a Seamless floor


We use airless compresors to spray the final layer on. This gives a smooth finish without roller or brush marks

Spraying a Seamless Floor

Final Result

We believe it was worth all the hard work. A seamless floor with a natural mottled finish that is rock hard and will last forever!

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