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Pumping Concrete

Roxy’s Rhythm Bar Gets a New Roof (or floor, depending on where you are standing)

08/12/2020 By John Cook

So, if you had an ill spent youth you will be familiar with Roxy’s Rhythm Bar in Melville (’s%20Club%20Melville/128836683866253/) They are going to create a Stunning new rooftop entertainment area. The only problem was that the roof was old and tired (like many of us who remember Roxy’s) and was prone to leaking (again, like many of us) They needed to both stop the leaking and create a beautiful floor for the area.

We came up with a Professional Solution for them We would pour a floor where the readymix was treated with Penetron Without getting too technical Penetron is a chemical agent that is mixed into the concrete and it turns the concrete waterproof. There were several advantages to this solution. It will become a waterproof roof for Roxy’s, getting rid of their leaking roof problem. At the same time it becomes a great floor for us to Polish, with all the advantages of Polished Concrete.

To start the old concrete roof / floor was broken out and removed.

We then prepped the floor for the new concrete. DPC was laid down to give the concrete slab room to move on top of the old surface.

Then reinforcing mesh was laid down at 40mm so that all the conduits could be suspended to make sure the concrete could flow under them. 

Floor prepared for concrete slab to be cast

Floor ready for new slab

Then we were ready for the big day – pouring the concrete. Because the roof was over 2 stories high we would have to pump the concrete and the space to work with was pretty cramped. Our Readymix supplier was Metier Readymix and I would like to thank them for the highly Professional manner in which they assisted with the pour.

Pumping Concrete

Pumping Concrete

Because we are now into rainy season in Johannesburg the pour had to be cancelled twice, but third time lucky. We were able to do an early morning pour and the rain held off till early evening, by which time the concrete had set. (Not sure but I think Herbert and Lynne spent the day praying…)

The pour was technically difficult because there were various levels to cope with and Roxy’s were very particular that they did not want any water pooling, because that was a problem in the past. So we had to pour freehand with a laser level – but it came out OK.


Concrete is now being cured keeping it wet under plastic for 28 days. Then we get ready to Polish it!

Concrete floor being cured

Concrete floor being cured

Now we need to wait 28 days for the concrete to cure before we can start to polish it. Watch this space because Roxy’s is a great venue and we want to give them a professional floor!

To be continued….

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