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Overlays give us tremendous flexibility.

Normally if we started working with you from the beginning we would handle everything ourselves and give you a final finished floor.

However that does not always happen, and that is where overlays give you so many options.

Some examples;

You are re-modelling a house and you really want polished concrete floors, but your old concrete floor is just too soft to polish. We have an overlay that will look and feel exactly like polished concrete.

Or maybe you want to change your floor to a Terrazzo finish. We have overlays that will give you a Terrazzo finish.

Our overlays can go over raw concrete, screed, tiles – pretty much any surface you may already have.

And overlays are a much more cost effective solution than casting your whole floor in the style you want. With overlays the base of the floor is normal pre-cast concrete and your final finish overlay sits on top of it. So you only pay for the part that is visible and actually counts.

The possibilities with overlays are endless….

If you can imagine it, I can create it.

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