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Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Sandton

12/10/2020 By John Cook

The Most Cost effective Stunning Floor for Your House

Grinding the Floor

So you start with grinding your concrete floor. Concrete is the cheapest material you  can use. Anyhow all floors start with a concrete base, so you would always have this to start from. Now you don’t add any screed, you use just the plain raw concrete. You grind it to the size of stone you prefer. The floor is then sealed with Silane, which is an absolutely brillient resin from Germany. This seals your floor with a layer that is completely impervious to virtually any dirt, nothing get through it!

Grinding Concrete

Protecting the Walls

Here we tape up the facebricks to protect them from the Silane resin that we are now going to spray on the floor. You can already see how the Silane is starting to take effect.

Concrete Floor

So Simple to Clean

Once the Silane has reached full cure it becomes so easy to keep your floor clean. Just a simple dilution of soap and water is all that is needed – no harsh chemicals. For the rest of the life of your floor.

Cleaning a Concrete Floor

Final Floor Finish

This finish is forever. No tiles to crack, no grout lines to always try clean. Just a stunning, low maintainence floor. Forever.

Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete Floor
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