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polished concrete
Polished Concrete
John Cook

Polished Concrete

Benefits of Polished Concrete Professional Flooring Solutions is an accredited application for HTC Platinum Finish Polished Concrete Floors. This assures you of  a natural, environmentally-friendly product and process, making it the natural answer to your green solutions. Some of the benefits of polished concrete include: Elimination of Dusting from Efflorescence.  In ordinary unpolished concrete, tiny particles of dust are pushed to the surface through an upward force called hydrostatic pressure, resulting in efflorescence. Efflorescence leads

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seamless floor
Seamless Flooring
John Cook

Self Levelling Seamless Floor System

Advantages of the “Like Silk” seamless floor system Water Based. There are no harsh odours for you and your family. No VOC’s. You can choose virtually any colour you can imagine with our Seamless floors. And you can change colour at any time. Very easy to clean, no cracks for the dirt to get caught in. Typically sprayed on with a Graco airless sprayer Will your system crack? No one can ever honestly say their

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seamless flooring
Seamless Flooring
John Cook

Coloured Screed

Coloured Screed Coloured screeds are great for the person who is looking for “movement” in their floor. The colour is not a solid block, but has small variations in the shading and slight swirls in the finish. They come in a variety of colours as per the attached colour chart. Finish can be either Satin of Gloss. Once fully cure the final strength is typically between 50 – 70 mpa, which is about 3 times

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Some of our work

Epoxy Silane Boardroon Floor
25000 m2 FM2 Class Floors
Repair afterwards reduced
Overlay 2 cropped
Pouring Concrete JCC
Polished Res 4
Coin 3rd Place reduced
Boardroom Bar finished with Silane
WT2 cropped
Polished EOA cropped
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