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Pumping Concrete
Concrete Floor
John Cook

Roxy’s Rhythm Bar Gets a New Roof (or floor, depending on where you are standing)

So, if you had an ill spent youth you will be familiar with Roxy’s Rhythm Bar in Melville (’s%20Club%20Melville/128836683866253/) They are going to create a Stunning new rooftop entertainment area. The only problem was that the roof was old and tired (like many of us who remember Roxy’s) and was prone to leaking (again, like many of us) They needed to both stop the leaking and create a beautiful floor for the area. We came

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Seamless Flooring
John Cook

Seamless Self Leveling Floor 1,400 m2

Here is 1,400 m2 job we did in Midrand. The client didn’t want a solid colour but prefered a more natual, mottled look. It wasn’t easy because any rectification we did would show as the floor had no colour to hide mistakes. And we just cast the floor when Covid set in, so for 3 months we could not work on the floor, so it cured rock hard. Here is how we handled it. Sanding

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Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete
John Cook

Polished Concrete Sandton

The Most Cost effective Stunning Floor for Your House Grinding the Floor So you start with grinding your concrete floor. Concrete is the cheapest material you  can use. Anyhow all floors start with a concrete base, so you would always have this to start from. Now you don’t add any screed, you use just the plain raw concrete. You grind it to the size of stone you prefer. The floor is then sealed with Silane,

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Some of our work

Epoxy Silane Boardroon Floor
25000 m2 FM2 Class Floors
Repair afterwards reduced
Overlay 2 cropped
Pouring Concrete JCC
Polished Res 4
Coin 3rd Place reduced
Boardroom Bar finished with Silane
WT2 cropped
Polished EOA cropped
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