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How to Repair a Seamless Self Levelling Floor

31/01/2021 By John Cook

Probably more than half our work is our being called in repair floors that were either incorrectly done in the beginning or to restore floors that have deteriorated with age. (The self-levelling screed on a properly installed floor should never deteriorate, the worst that should happen is after years the original resin may need to be refreshed). Here are some photos of the floor before.

As you can see the floor was in a really bad shape. And wherever they rubbed a little hard to try remove the dirt, it simply became a rough patch that forever after just held the dirt and simply got worse and worse. Also the edges were in shocking condition and had never been smoothed into the rest of the floor – that’s just laziness on the contractors part. 

How we fixed this Seamless Self Levelling  Floor

Initially we did medium sand across the whole floor. This firstly removed all the old ingrained dirt, levelled out a lot of the old bumps and also gave us a good surface for our resins to grip onto.

We then inspected the floor and filled in all cracks and divots by hand to ensure we had a really smooth surface to work off.

Then we primed the whole floor with Specialised Coating Deep Penetrating Water Based Primer (our entire range of residential floors is water based, which is the latest technology and has no volatile oils for your families health w That was left to cure overnight. Then we did a light sand on the primer just to make sure it was really smooth.

After that we applied the first coat of coloured resin (we can do any colour on the RAL chart which is the International Standard) This was left to cure overnight.

The next day we again did light sand just in case any little pieces of grit may have gotten onto the resin. We then sealed the floor with a final coat of clear sealer. This has 2 advantages

Firstly it gives the coloured resin the most gorgeous translucent finish and

Secondly it protects the coloured resin.

And the advantage of our “Like Silk” system is that at any time in the future the client can now change the colour of her floor and we don’t have to go through the whole process again, we simply apply the new colour resin and you good for years to come again.

Here are some photos of what the final finish came out like.

Repair to Seamless Dining Room Floor
Repair to Seamless Floor Entranceway
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