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How To Do Your Own DIY Self Levelling Screed Floor

31/08/2020 By John Cook

NB Please note this advice is given to try help clients do a DIY Self Leveling Screed Floor and we in no way accept any liability for any damages incurred as a result of following this advice!

Check your floor for cracks. If any fill in with Polyfiller or equivalent.

Make sure your old surface is clean, wash it with Sunlight soap and water. If there is old paint remove or roughen by sanding.

Apply  A.Shak bonding liquid (it is water based and almost a liquid as water.)

Allow to dry overnight.

Buy TAL Screedmaster from a hardware store (Builders Warehouse normally has stock. You will get between 2 – 2.5 m2 coverage per bag, so divide your total square meters by 2.5 and that will give you the amount of bags you need. If you run short you can always buy some more and use. If you have to add more there will be a join line that you can sand the next day and fill with Polyfiller before sealing.

I always suggest doing a test area with one bag first to make sure you are comfortable with the process. To mix you will need a big plastic bucket and a strong drill with a mixer attachment (sometimes called a paddle mixer) Mix as per the instructions on the packet (we use 5 litres of water to get it as runny as possible) Pour onto the area you want to do a test sample. Ideally you want to pull it with a 5mm rake (it gives a final thickness of 5mm) available from Floorhq  If you don’t want to buy a rake you can smooth it yourself with a trowel as well while it is still wet.. Allow to dry overnight.

If you are happy with the result you can continue with the remainder of the area, or else try another sample again. Lumps and bumps can be sanded the following day and cracks filled with Polyfiller.

Once you have it to the standard that you are happy with you need to seal it.

Apply another coat of Shak bonding liquid and allow to dry.

You can seal it either with a transparent coat and have the natural cement coloured finish, or with a coloured resin.

There are several products available and I would suggest you talk to any paint shop or service in a store and explain what you want. I would always suggest a matt or satin finish as it is doesn’t show nearly as many mistakes as a gloss finish. If used outdoors you need a UV stabilised paint. You can normally apply with a mohair roller. We do the touch up’s and edges with a small paint brush.

I hope it works well for you and you have a great floor. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me from the website email or phone number.

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